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Nantong Mingnuo Machinery Tools Co.,Ltd offers all kinds of ride on sweepers. Our product has the performance of novel type and competitive price. With 20 years development of our company, we have met the standard of ISO 9001:2000.

The electric ride on sweeper offered by Mingnuo Company is one kind of new ride on sweeper. It is driven by storage battery, so when it is working, it is no exhaust gas and is without much noise; moreover, it will not produce too much dust either. This electric ride on sweeper is really an environmental-friendly product. At the same time, the battery we use is one of maintenance-free battery with a performance of long using life lasting 8 hours. Besides, the driven storage battery uses the leakproof structure to avoid deformation and exudation. It has a 4 times longer cycle life than ordinary lead acid batteries.
Stainless steel is adopted for our electric sweeping vehicle chassis, so it can work stably. Our electric sweeper body uses composite materials with a bumper in the front, and beacons at back, ensuring the security and reliability of working.
The intelligent operation of the ride on sweeper is simple, flexible, and convenient. Due to the small radius of turning circle, our product can sweep narrow streets. This electric sweeper has both sweeping and dust absorption function to clean out the rubbish.
What is more, the electric ride on sweeper from Mingnuo Company are easy to repair and convenient to operate. Its low using cost thanks to its high work efficiency, which can replace more than 10 workers. Every day, only more ten RMB (including electric charge and maintenance costs) can we have a clean and comfortable environment. This electric sweeper can also work under -20 ° C.
Regarding the color of sweeper body, we customize the color offered by clients.

About service:
Service commitment:

1. Mingnuo Company will carefully and sincerely answer every question the clients asked within 3 days.
2. For not the product quality issues, we will offer solve solution within 24 hours according to clients' requirements.
3. We also still offer OEM service.

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