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We are a professional sweeper manufacturer in China. Our products mainly consist of all closed electric sweeper, sanitation street sweeper, dedicated road sweeper, multipurpose sweeper, industrial sweeper, and electric ride on sweeper, and they are mainly used in cleaning municipal government squares, campuses, stations, residential districts, factories, government bodies, warehouses, parks, military yards, and more.

  • Sanitation Street Sweeper Sanitation Street SweeperThe sanitation street sweeper is a kind of electric ride on sweeper. This machine has an automatic cleaning system with the functions of dust...
  • Dedicated Road Sweeper Dedicated Road SweeperThe dedicated road sweeper is a kind of electric ride on sweeper. With a high-efficient drum-type filter and an automatic cleaning system...
  • Multipurpose Sweeper Multipurpose SweeperThis multipurpose sweeper is a kind of electric ride on sweeper. The MN-XS-1350 multipurpose sweeper employs the automatic cleaning system for dust...
  • Industrial Sweeper Industrial SweeperThis industrial sweeper is a kind of electric ride on sweeper. And this MN-XS-1250/MN-XS-1150 industrial sweeper is mainly used for cleaning...
  • Electric Ride on Sweeper Electric Ride on Sweeper1. Our electric ride on sweeper is designed with flexible and compact sweeper body, and it adopts hydraulic control system...
  • Floor Cleaning Machine Floor Cleaning MachineThis machine is closely related with the needs of human life. The floor cleaning machine is designed to clean...