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Dry Cleaning Sweeper

Dry Cleaning Sweeper

Be equipped with the washing systems, filtration systems, cooling drying recovery system (including drying recovery, liquid water separation), detergent distillation system, this dry cleaning sweeper are generally the function of washing, filtering, drying recovery function, the washing solvent regeneration and detergent circulation. As a multifunctional compact ride on sweeper in China, it is well received in the market.
Note: Petroleum solvent dry cleaning machines have not the function of washing solvent regeneration.

Walk-Behind Sweeper850
Industrial Sweeping Machine1150
Floor Sweeping Equipment 1250
Electric Industrial Sweeper1350
Compact Mid-Sized Rider Floor Sweeper1550
Ride-on Street Cleaning Car1850
Dry Cleaning Sweeper 2000
Electric All-Closed Road Sweeping Vehicle

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