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Electric Ride on Sweeper

Electric Ride on Sweeper

This electric ride on sweeper is mainly used to sweep large and medium surface, especially ground.

Features of Electric Ride on Sweeper:
1. Our electric ride on sweeper is designed with flexible and compact sweeper body, and it adopts hydraulic control system.
2. It is designed with incomparable direction-changing capacity and strong control performance.
3. Unique straight- throwing cleaning system and dust absorption system are fitted in this sweeper.
4. Its special fabric filter only allows dust with a diameter ranging 5 to 10 micrometer to get through.
5. Equipped with water sprinkler systems, brushes of this electric on ride sweeper can effectively prevent dust from rising.
6. The side brush of this sweeper adopts the latest preposed swinging side brush design.

Technical Parameters of MN-XS-2000 Electric Ride on Sweeper:

Number Item name Unit MN-XS-2000
1 Sweeping efficiency m2/h 20000
2 Sweeping width mm 2000(maximum width 2200)
3 Sweeping speed km/h 10
4 Running speed km/h 25
5 Power source v 48V400Ah lithium battery pack
6 Dustbin's capacity L 1000
7 Diameter of the side brush mm 600+500
8 Length of the main brush mm 700
9 Total power w 7000
10 Filtering area m2 7
11 Volume of water tank L 300
12 Climbing capacity 25
13 Dimension (including side brush) mm 3800*2000*2100
14 Dimension (except side brush) mm 3400*1340*2100
15 Net weight Kg 1740
16 Unloading mode   Hydraulic

Nantong Mingnuo Machinery Tools Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of the electric ride on sweeper in China. Apart from this electric ride on sweeper, we also offer sanitation street sweeper, dedicated road sweeper, multipurpose sweeper, industrial sweeper, cleaning sweeper, dry cleaning sweeper, floor cleaning machine, road cleaning machine, etc. With good quality and competitive price, our products have met relevant standards of ISO 9001:2000. With 20 years' experience, the products from Mingnuo have exported to many countries, such as South America, Europe, North-east Aria and so on. If you are interested in our products, please contact us for details.

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