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Features of the Electric Sweepers:
1. When working, our electric sweeping vehicles will not produce much exhaust gas and noise.
2. Due to the small radius of turning circle, our products can sweep narrow streets. It is easy to repair and maintain.
3. This sweeper has both sweeping and dust absorption functions so that all the rubbish can be cleaned out from dust and sand to stone, leaves, and cigarette case.

Using Cost Analysis:
1. The electric sweeping vehicles have high efficiency, and it can clean up 9800 square meters which needs 16 cleaners to finish this job.
2. The products from Mingnuo Company can continuously work longer up to 8 hours and clean 70,000 square meters without charging a battery.
3. The low using cost only needs 3 yuan electric charge. For wearing parts, they only need to be changed for twice per year.
4. The price of this machine is low too, which is one third of other same machine.
One electric sweeping vehicle can replace 20 cleaners; you can earn the machine cost in 6 months.
5. Quality commitment: One year warranty (excluding wear parts), life-long service.

Electric Sweeping Vehicles VS Fuel Sweeper:

Items / Name Fuel sweeper The Sweeper from Mingnuo
Cost Cost per Day 5Lfuel/day Charge the storage battery for 10 hours, it cost 7 kWh.
Maintenance Costs Need someone to repair so repair, so it is costly It is easier to maintain, so the cost is low.
About Brush Different factories has different price of brush, but the brush need to be changed every 3 months A set of brush will at most cost 840 yuan. It need to be changed every 6 months, that is, it will cost 840÷6 = 140yuanp/month-it means that it will cost 4.5 per day.
Noise High noise-more than 100 db (80 db is the normal range. Low noise under 62db
Sweeping Effect It is easy to product dust. Both sweeper and dust absorption finish in a sealed space so that the dust can be avoided to be produced.   
Advantages It can stop any anytime. It has a large carrying capacity. 1. The using low using cost only needs 10 yuan/day. 2. Easy operation allows any workers to operate after being trained, and no need drive license. 3. No tail gas, and less noise are extremely environmental-friendly.
Disadvantages The machine cost is high and produce much noise so the pollution is high too. It is not suitable for the factory, because it has high requirements for operators. If storage battery is undervoltage, the machine will not continue to work. (Mingnuo electric sweeping vehicles have a warning for undervoltage. When lack of electricity, the display screens will warn you. But still having enough electricity for you to go back.
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