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Floor Cleaning Machine (Sweeper)

Floor Cleaning Machine (Sweeper)

This machine is closely related with the needs of human life. The floor cleaning machine is designed to clean and suck the garbage on the ground, floor, sewage, etc. Walk-behind sweeper is often applied in the environmental sanitation.

This cleaning sweeper features easy operation, low maintenance costs, high efficiency, better cleaning results, less labor costs, time savings and so on. The cleaning speed of this floor cleaning machine is 6-40 times than the artificial cleaning. With a series of advantages, this walk-behind sweeper wins the broader market rapidly in China.

Walk-Behind Sweeper1250
Industrial Sweeping Machine1350
Floor Sweeping Equipment 1550
Electric Industrial Sweeper1850
Floor cleaning machine 2000
Ride-on Street Cleaning Car1150
Hydraulic Industrial Vacuum Sweeper850
Electric All-Closed Road Sweeping Vehicle

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