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Hydraulic Industrial Vacuum Sweeper MN-XS-2000

Hydraulic Industrial Vacuum Sweeper MN-XS-2000

The MN-XS-2000 is a completely hydraulic controlled high dump sweeper designed and manufactured by MINGNUO to sweep large floor spaces.
It has a sweeping path of 2000 mm and a cleaning capacity at full speed around12.000 sq/m/h.

Hydraulically driven traction, container lift, brushes and vacuum fan, enable MN-XS-2000 clean the dirtiest floors very rapidly, and keep routine maintenance extremely simple, thus reducing downtime.
The dump hopper, equipped with hydraulic flap, is located in the front of the machine, can be hydraulically raised up, and has a real volume capacity of 1000 liters.

1. The structure is exceptionally strong to allow the machine to handle the toughest applications.
2. Fully hydraulic driven traction, container lift, brushes and vacuum fan, enable MN-XS-2000 clean the dirtiest floors very rapidly, and keep routine maintenance extremely simple, thus reducing downtime.
3. The main brush floats on uneven floors, and need adjusting when worn.
4. The blocking flaps are extremely durable, and can be eventually replaced quickly and without tools.
5. The main brush and side brush can be replaced in a very short time.
6. Lithium battery lengthens the operation time to more than 5 years.
7. Sweeping width 2000mm, suitable for large space cleaning with high efficiency.
8. High pressure fog watering system is used to avoid raised dust.
9. Double dust absorbing fan and big filter can clean big space. Thanks to fiber shaker, it automatically cleans the filter.
10. Ergonomics control panel easy for operation and checking. Parking system enable driver to see the back condition, thus to ensure safe driving.
11. Equipped with electric fan, car audio to make driving more comfortable.
12. With substantially less moving parts, spare parts and maintenance costs are greatly reduced

Technical Parameters of MN-XS-2000 Hydraulic Industrial Vacuum Sweeper:

1 Length of Machine 3900mm
2 Machine width (without side brush) 1340mm
3 Maximum height of the machine 2100mm
4 Sweep width (with two side brushes) 2000mm
5 The size of main brush 700mm
6 The size of side brush 600mm+500mm
7 Rotational speed of main brush 550rpm
8 Rotational speed of side brush 80rpm
9 Main Brush Motor 600w
10 Side brush motor 150w
11 Drive motor 5000w
12 Vacuum Motor 2000w
13 Vibration and filter motor 2-50w
14 Filter 7m2
15 Noise level 70dB
16 Trash Capacity 1 m3
17 Cleaning efficiency 20000 m2/h
18 Maximum speed 25km/h
19 Sweep speed 10km/h
20 Maximum gradient 25%
21 Battery voltage 48v400AhLithium battery
22 Diesel engine power 23kw
23 Generator power 15kw
24 Start System Electronic ignition
25 Starting power 3 kw
26 Start battery 12v
27 Total weight 2.58T

Nan tong Mingnuo Machinery Tools Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic industrial vacuum sweeper MN-XS-2000 in China. Apart from thishydraulic industrial vacuum sweeper, we also offer all closed sweeper, sanitation street sweeper, dedicated road sweeper, and multipurpose sweeper. With good quality and competitive price, our products have met relevant standards of ISO 9001:2000 and got CE certification. With 24 years' experience, the products from Mingnuo have exported to many countries, such as South America, Europe, North-east Aria and so on. If you are interested in our products, please contact us for details.

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