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Industrial Cleaning Sweeper

Industrial Cleaning Sweeper

This machine can be used to clean different kind of parts, circuit boards in aerospace, automotive industries. This new type industrial cleaning sweeper produced in China features human recourse saving, convenient and efficient. According to the quality of the parts and the craft demand, you can choose the suitable cleaning method- water-based cleaning or solvent cleaner.
1.General cleaning you can choose water-based industrial cleaning sweeper.
2.If you have a lot of parts with fine seam and complex geometry holes to clean, you should need to use cleaning solvent industrial sweeper.

Walk-Behind Sweeper1350
Industrial Cleaning Sweeper1150
Floor Sweeping Equipment 1850
Electric Industrial Sweeper2000
Compact Mid-Sized Rider Floor Sweeper1550
Ride-on Street Cleaning Car1250
Hydraulic Industrial Vacuum Sweeper850
Electric All-Closed Road Sweeping Vehicle1850

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