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Industrial Sweeping Machine MN-XS-1150

Industrial Sweeping Machine MN-XS-1150

With one-side brush, MN-XS-1150 is a new ride-on industrial sweeping machine designed and manufactured to sweep small, medium and large areas, especially the corners.
Thanks to its size, it fits very well through doorways and other narrow areas, and is particularly suitable for the cleaning of indoor hard surfaces. It may also be suitable for a number of outdoor applications.
Its powerful and quiet electric drive enables the MN-XS-1150 to work at a very low level of noise.

1. MN-XS-1150 is driven by powered battery. The electric version, which is extremely quite and pollution free, is particularly suitable for indoor applications.
2. With intelligence operations, simple, flexible, convenient and small turning radius, it can sweep narrow places and corners where the large machine can not sweep.
3. Adapt of 48V battery, and with the high capacity battery.
4. Continuous working time is 4-6 hours, speed 0-5 km/h.
5. It is a set with powerful cleaning system, which can fully clean up all the rubbish.
6. Large dust filter that can completely clean up the dust, electric shock devices thoroughly clean filters.
7. Be with low cost, easy maintenance, low price.
8. Lighting for night operations.
9. It saves labor and employment, providing work efficiency, and can replace dozen cleaner.
10. Solid tire, airport-specific, strong and durable.

Technical Parameters of MN-XS-1150 Industrial Sweeping Machine:

NO Item name UNITS MN-XS-1150
1 Sweeping paths mm 1150
2 Productivity m2/h 6000
3 Max climbing capacity % 20
4 Main brush length mm 700
5 Power supply V 48
6 Continuous work time H 4-6
7 Waste hopper capacity L 120
8 Side brush's diameter mm 390
9 Driving power W 1200
10 Operation power W 300+400
11 Turn semi-diameter mm 0 (spot turn)
12 Dimensions(L/W/H) mm 1600×1150×1400
13 Work speed km/h 5
14 Driving speed km/h 5
15 Filter surface m2 4.4
16 Weight with batteries kg 491

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