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MN-XS-1750 Steer Industrial Sweeper (Steer Electric Sweeping Machine)

MN-XS-1750 steer sweeper is a modern compact and maneuverable ride-on electrical sweeper with efficient cleaning of large surfaces. Comes in rechargeable battery for outdoor work and is durable to withstand tough working conditions. It is widely used by the environment and hygiene departments, cleaning companies and property management companies.

1. Energy-saving and environmental friendly. High performance battery without harmful gas and liquid leakage, no maintenance required. Rechargeable battery as its power, no exhaust, no emission, no big noise and no secondary dust. It is an environmental product.
2. Adapt of 36V rechargeable battery, high capacity.
3. Continuous working time is 6-8 hours, speed 0-9.8 km/h.
4. It is a set with powerful cleaning system, both in sweeping and vacuum, fully cleaned up all the rubbish.
5. Large dust filter that can completely clean up the dust, electric shock devices thoroughly clean filters.
6. All the parts of the machine are easy to disassemble, and convenient for maintenance.
7. Flashing warning lights for safe driving. Head lights for working at night.
8. Solid wheel, airport-specific, strong and durable.
9. Easy to use does not stir up dust and debris swept even the corners.
10. Recovered even when the squares of the order of 8000 m ²: sweepers with traction drive system and suction of dust saves time and effort. It is the ideal solution for janitors, cleaning companies and industries.
11. For cost-effective and efficient cleaning of the areas of medium and large size, Mingnuo offers a variety of options for vacuum sweepers with a seat for the driver, meet any request.
12. These machines are designed for professional intensive operation on large parking lots, areas and industrial fairs. Perfect technique Mingnuo achieves excellent cleaning results.

Technical Parameters of MN-XS-1750 Steer Sweeper:

No. Item name Unit MN-XS-1750
1 Sweeping paths  mm 1750
2 Productivity m2/h 8750
3 Max climbing capacity % 20
4 Length of main brush mm 700
5 Power supply v 36
6 Continuous working hours h 6-8
7 Dustbin Capacity L 150
8 Cubage of water tank L 30
9 Side brush Diameter mm 500
10 Driving Power(Motor) w 1500
11 Working Power(Motor) w 400+450
12 Turning Radius mm 0 (spot turn)
13 Dimension (L/W/H) mm 2000×1750×2020
14 Max working speed km/h 7
15 Max running speed km/h 8
16 Filtering area m2 5
17 N.W. kg 690

Nantong Mingnuo Machinery Tools Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of steer electric sweeping machine in China. Apart from this steer electric sweeping machine, we also offer walk-behind sweeper, industrial sweeping machine, floor sweeping equipment, electric industrial sweeper, compact rider floor sweeper, ride-on street cleaning car, hydraulic industrial vacuum, etc. With good quality and competitive price, our products have met relevant standards of ISO 9001:2000 and got CE certification. With 24 years' experience, the products from Mingnuo have exported too many countries, such as South America, Europe, and North-east Aria and so on. If you are interested in our products, please contact us for details.

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