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Vacuum Street Sweeper

Vacuum Street Sweeper

Compared with the general sweeper, this street sweeper adopts the vacuum equipment to complete the work. Vacuum street sweeper features greater vacuum forces, raw strength and wider range of versatility options. It can be applied to clean residential streets, busy highways, parking areas and special event venues, etc. This vacuum sweeper has been praised by municipalities and private contractors that strive to do more work with fewer machines.

This sweeper can suck dust and garbage though the way of vacuum movement. Therefore, the working efficiency of this machine is very high. In addition, this vacuum sweeper also can effectively reduce dust pollution and improve air quality.

Walk-Behind Sweeper2000
Industrial Sweeping Machine850
Floor Sweeping Equipment 1150
Electric Industrial Sweeper1250
Compact Mid-Sized Rider Floor Sweeper1350
Ride-on Street Cleaning Car1550
Vacuum Street Sweeper1850
Electric All-Closed Road Sweeping Vehicle

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